Akhilesh KS

Akhilesh KS is a motivated professional dedicated to fostering growth and excellence. He excels in designing innovative learning solutions that nurture skill development, enhance productivity, and drive organizational success. Akhilesh’s responsibilities include crafting and refining online courses tailored to diverse learning needs. He meticulously creates engaging content using multimedia tools and interactive elements to elevate […]

Naveen Sankar G.M

A seasoned professional with a strong focus on brand management, operations, and business development. A strategic visionary dedicated to fostering innovation and yielding outstanding outcomes. Having held pivotal roles at prominent firms across the globe, he possesses remarkable brand management and operations proficiency. With a profound grasp of cutting-edge technologies and an insatiable curiosity for […]

Varun A R

Varun is an experienced Sr. Game Developer and Engineer skilled in Unity and Unreal. He plays a significant role on the technical side, contributing to numerous app designs. Varun is passionate about knowledge sharing and communicating technical concepts through engaging stories. A proficient multiplayer developer, he designs pipelines and camera systems and excels in real-time […]

Rethin Lal

Rethin Lal is a skilled professional specializing in the 3D-based design and interactive experiences. He is a filmmaker who uses technology to tell captivating stories and is a vital contributor to the Virtual Production division and Art team. Rethin is renowned for his creative use of AR and has been instrumental in the success of […]

Deepak Menon Madathil

Deepak Menon Madathil is a proficient game designer with over ten years of experience in the industry. He has developed over 50 games for various companies and has extensive expertise as a developer and designer. Deepak is passionate about game design and has worked with leading startups to design gamification applications. He has been bestowed […]

Muhammed Rafi

Muhammed Rafi is a proficient and knowledgeable specialist in the domains of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology and three-dimensional (3D) design, with over ten years of experience in the industry. He has unique technical and artistic skills and has contributed to developing top applications for McKinsey and other leading companies. Rafi’s proficiency in producing top-quality […]

Bijoy Krishnan

Bijoy, a seasoned and proficient professional in fine arts, boasts an extensive career spanning over twenty years. With an adeptness in immersive and interactive technologies, Bijoy has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, pioneering cutting-edge projects. His expertise in design, computer graphics, games, and film grants him a multifaceted and exceptional capability to actualize a broad […]

Nikhil Chandran

Nikhil Chandran, an esteemed technology expert, educator, and design professional, is driven by his passion for advancing cutting-edge technologies in education. With over ten years of experience and working alongside leading film and gaming studios, Nikhil possesses a vast understanding of AR/VR, Virtual Production, Web3, the Metaverse, and Blockchain technologies. He is well-versed in gaming […]