Nikhil Chandran, an esteemed technology expert, educator, and design professional, is driven by his passion for advancing cutting-edge technologies in education. With over ten years of experience and working alongside leading film and gaming studios, Nikhil possesses a vast understanding of AR/VR, Virtual Production, Web3, the Metaverse, and Blockchain technologies. He is well-versed in gaming design and publishing, having played a significant role in developing and leading several high-quality games. Additionally, Nikhil has worked with top brands and CMMI level 5 companies, designing for various platforms and experience centers. As the founder of the Technical Institute of Latest Technologies in Education & TILTEDU, Nikhil is committed to democratizing education and ensuring that knowledge is available to all, regardless of geographical or financial limitations. Beyond his technical proficiency, Nikhil is a distinguished speaker at global conferences, with extensive experience building and nurturing supportive tech communities.